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RDF completeness reasoner, Movie Demo

CORNER is a completeness reasoner for the Semantic Web.

CORNER provides three features:

  • Completeness description over RDF data sources.

    Want to state that your favorite data source has all movies by Tarantino? You're in a good luck! CORNER has a way to state for which topics an RDF data source are complete.

  • Query completeness checking.

    Want to see whether you really get all movies of your favorite actor? Rest assured! Based on the completeness statements of the data sources, CORNER is able to check whether your query will return complete answers.

  • Query rewriting for federated data sources.

    Too lazy to build a query for multiple data sources? CORNER does it for you! CORNER can rewrite your complete query into a federated one which assigns each query part to a suitable, complete source.


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